Judgment on Tom B Clark

Case No. 39/2018: Tom B. Clark


Dear Prosecutor, Public Defender, Ambassador, Secretary and Jury Members of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee (IBEC) and Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights (BTHR), regarding Case 39-2018 against “Tom B Clark”, on February 11, 2018, it is hereby recorded that the trial of the Ethics Committee has been concluded in order to analyze the Violation of Buddhist Ethics on the part of the accused.

After analyzing the presentation of the Case and the validation of proofs, it proceeded with the vote of 10 members of the Jury, confirming that there were 1 vote of “Innocent” and 9 votes of “Responsible” for “Tom B Clark” for having committed the serious crime of Fraud and Scam. When interpreting and giving voice to the vote of the Jury members, it is concluded that “Tom B Clark” has no valid excuse to justify his Violation of Buddhist Ethics, since he has never shown any evidence to support his hardly credible hypothesis that a undergraduate assistant is the one who lied when he published in the emails, websites and social networks that “Tom B Clark” had graduated from the MBU with a PhD degree in Buddhist Psychology and Mindfulness. In this sense, the accused’s defense, even without knowing it, is proof of an explicit tendency to fabulate and to use fictions. In this way, this Judgment teaches “Tom B Clark” that he must not only comply with the ethical precepts of Buddhist Spirituality, which fervently prohibit lying, but must also comply with psychologist’s profession, which prohibits the use of manipulation and academic fraud, as this endangers the mental health of patients. Evidence from the Case has shown that “Tom B Clark” is within the framework of illegality for having lied and committed fraud and scams by lying that he has graduated from a PhD in Buddhist Psychology and Mindfulness. Although the accused has repeatedly apologized and has eliminated public references in which he fraudulently claimed to be a graduate of the MBU, this is not enough to declare him Innocent.

However, as is done with almost all the accused, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee confirms that if “Tom B Clark” decides to repair the damage caused and genuinely enter the Buddhist Path, then a conciliatory post-sentence agreement would have been reached, by being able to eventually canceling all charges against the accused. To fulfill this possible conciliatory agreement, “Tom B Clark” should enroll in the MBU to study an intensive program of Buddhist Psychology and Mindfulness, since learning would be the best way to repair or mend the damage caused against the Truth. This resolution is based on the Dhammapada of Siddharta Gautama, who stated that the teachings of all the Awakened Beings (Buddhas) is to do good, to stop doing evil and to spiritually purify oneself. For this reason, it is not enough to simply apologize and delete lies, because it also requires that the accused acts with kindness and that he purifies himself spiritually through learning and Truth. Until this possible conciliatory agreement does not happen, the International Buddhist Ethics Committe declares that “Tom B Clark” is Responsible for Fraud and Scams.

The Buddhist Law is always a Path for redemption in the here and now. It is a learning Path, open to everyone. It only requires having the courage to stop doing evil, begin to do good, and spiritually purify oneself through an appropriate guidance.

In conclusion, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee has the Purpose (Dharma) that the Buddhist Spirituality remains pure and is never perverted or infiltrated by corrupt, and denouncing anyone who violates the sacredness of the Truth. Therefore, it is established that “Tom B Clark” has violated the Buddhist Ethics by means of fraudulent conduct. Undoubtedly, although he has eliminated the scam after having been discovered, this does not necessarily imply that the accused is doing good and that he is being purified spiritually, because that requires learning Buddhist Psychology under the guidance of spiritual masters. Therefore, he should graduate in the MBU which is the school that the defendant affected. In this way, the Case on “Tom B Clark” is a great lesson in order that anyone who commit scams is aware that it will not be done with impunity, but it is also a great lesson for those who have made mistakes and want to mend their actions, teaching a pathway in which learning is the Path toward redemption.

Following the Path of Master Gautama Buddha, who created and developed a Path of Education toward Peace and Salvation two thousand six hundred years ago, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee oversees that professionals from all over the world do not betray the purity of Buddhist Psychology, so that “Tom B Clark” has been sentenced Responsible for committing FRAUD AND SCAM.

With spirit of reconciliation (maitri),

Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

President and Spiritual Judge of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee (IBEC) & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights (BTHR)

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