Evidences of MRW Case

Case 33-2017: MRW Group


By Master Yan Maitri-Shi, Prosecutor



After Legitimating and Validating Evidences and Charges by Master Maitreya, President and Spiritual Judge of IBEC-BTHR, it is addressed the case against the accused party MRW Group. This investigation was initiated from a complaint started by MBU.

The Charges by which the International Buddhist Ethics Committee is accusing MRW Group are enumerated below:

  • Fraud
  • Violation of Cultural Heritage


Therefore, it is detailed a series of EVIDENCES that support the Charges referred so that the Jury members decide about the possible “Responsibility”, “Innocence” or “Insanity” of the accused. Such evidence come from graphic and audiovisual media that have been gathered, sorted and confirmed in their order and context as Means of Proof in order to know, establish, dictate and determine the Responsibility of the Accused for committing the aforementioned Charges.

The procedure established in the Statute of INTERNATIONAL BUDDHIST ETHICS  COMMITTEE & BUDDHIST TRIBUNAL ON HUMAN RIGHTS provides both bodies the ostentation to enjoy independence and liberty from state and national regulation and control, besides having the legality and acting as a Buddhist People in order to assert its customs, traditions, practices, procedures, judgments and rights as well as acting in pursuit of the development of Spirituality, of Buddhist Ethics, and of the defense of International Human Rights. This procedure has the particularity, singularity and distinction of having “Special Jurisdiction of the Tribal Law” and “Universal Jurisdiction of the International Law”, thus having the Character, Juridical validity, Legal Powers, infrastructure, Training and Capability necessary to be Actor, Administrator and Executor of Justice in this realm and exercise, by judging of the Accused by means of an Ethical Judgment whose Purpose is Truth, Reconciliation and Learning.-




International Buddhist Ethics Committee: On September 08, 2017 the Maitriyana Buddhist University received an email on the part of an email address from MRW, which is a transport company with a branch in Pontevedra (Spain). In said email MRW mentions that the enormous amount of studies and titles of the Rector and Founder of Maitriyana Buddhist University is not credible. Also, MRW not only claims that the existence of the Headquarters of Maitriyana Buddhist University is false, but also says that it is a lie the fact that free courses are taught. Faced with this complaint, the Rectory of Maitriyana Buddhist University replied that Rector’s studies are real and that the university has all supporting documentation to prove it before any Court. In addition, Maitriyana Buddhist University responded that any Headquarters of the School are genuine, many of them existing from agreements with other institutions, and that free courses are also taught by means of Zen University. Obviously, the allegations of MRW Company are totally unfounded and unrealistic. However, in the analyzed communication, the MRW Company signs the email with the authorship of “Buddhist Ethics Committee, Cleveland Ohio”. In pretending to be a Buddhist Ethics Committee that does not exist, MRW would have committed FRAUD for communicating through a false identity, but it would also have committed usurpation and VIOLATION OF THE CULTURAL HERITAGE of Buddhism, which is protected by International Law. For this reason, the true International Buddhist Ethics Committee has decided to denounce MRW for serious crimes. In addition, the company MRW never decided to take any action against the employee who sent the fraudulent email, proving that it supports and endorses such criminal behavior.


Evidence: Fraudulent email

Antonio Iriarte Cadena, antiris@gmail.com 08/09/2017: “Do you really believe that the enormous number of studies and titles of the supposed founder is credible? I know that you usually sell letters of support at a price in dollars and then demand money from these sales to your students. You show photos that do not exist. You are not serious. You say you teach free courses but demand pay based on the teaching of a supposed humility on the part of the students to fill their pockets. Show real photos of the temple, the university and then we will believe you. Do not think we’re such assholes. The unwary may fall but they quickly realize. You two must live tasty at the expense of unwary ones. Well, at least it is no longer signed by Maitreya Buddha. At least it’s something. Buddhist Ethics Committee, Cleveland Ohio


Evidence: Graphic Evidence certifying that the Email come from MRW Company:




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