Evidences of Param Anand Case

Case  07/2015: Dr Param Anand



P R E S E N T .–


In the presence of the President and Spiritual Guide of IBEC-BTHR, Buddhist Master Maitreya, and the Executive Secretary of IBEC-BTHR Master Yan Maitri-Shi, it is addressed the case reported by Amitabha Buddhist Society (ABS) against DR PARAM ANAND, who lives in India, regarding the Crimes of DEFAMATION, SLANDERS, THREATS and NATIONALISM WITHIN BUDDHISM and the ones which result against the INTERNATIONAL BUDDHIST ETHICS COMMITTEE (IBEC) itself and the Institution Mater Maitreya Buddhist University (MBU).-


I, Sekkha Dhamma, as Prosecutor of IBEC and BTHR, recognize the hard and organized work made for the compilation of Evidence in this case; likewise, I thank the contribution of them for the analysis concerning the Party I represent. That said, with all due respect I appear to expose:

Received the list of Evidence that were gathered, ordered and at the same time confirmed in their order and context by the Executive Secretary of IBEC and BTHR Master Yan Maitri-Shi, I give way to the fourth stage of the procedure called “EVALUATION OF THE EVIDENCE” which is stated in the Constitutive Act of IBEC and BTHR in order to know, establish, rule and determine Responsibility for committing DEFAMATION, SLANDERS, THREATS and NATIONALISM WITHIN BUDDHISM and those from which DR  ANAND PARAM is responsible. This accusation was made by the Amitabha Buddhist Society (ABS) in the field of Buddhist Ethics, an act that follows below:



FIRST EVALUATION.- By being the core of this procedural part, it is necessary to note the Means of Proof offered by the Executive Secretary of IBEC and BTHR Master Yan Maitri-Shi, and formally present them to the Jury for their knowledge, which are composed of 7 Evidences that prove the motivating Accusation of the current process, entitled with the actions committed and comprised of Crimes in both civil order and in the field of Buddhist Ethics. These Evidences comes from email conversations (digital media) from which the offenses comprehended in the evidence are listed below:


Evidence 1: False Accusations during the Seventh Buddhist Council

Param Anand: (About the members of the Seventh Buddhist Council) “Many are the destroyer of Buddhism in India in the grab of Buddhist Upasakas and Monks” (October 20, 2014).


Evidence 2: Public Defamation in BodhGaya

Amar Mane: “When I was in BodhGaya, one person was open a doubt on me, about our program and Maitreya Buddhist University, his name was Dr. Param Anand. He said that his friend Mr. Amar Visharat said that, there is no existence of the Maitreya Buddhist University in Argentina and the Masters are working only through the internet. I do not know about the relation between MBU and Him, but I had facing many problems for that reason in Bodhgaya.” (August 30, 2015).

Amar Mane: “in BodhGaya, Dr. Param Anand and I both are working for the NCCOBO at BodhGaya. We were came together for the annual meeting of the NCCOBO in which many peoples came from the different places in India. I thought that this is good chance to promote our works among the peoples so I share the role of MBU and its program in India to all peoples and for the improvements of Buddhist educational sectors. But in that program Dr. Param Anand said that, before promoting this events you should confirmed that MBU and its Masters are true and faithful. He said that (these) persons is not trustful, because my friend Mr. Amar Visharat told me, there is not any existence of MBU in Argentina. He said that, Amar Visharat know more about them, they are works only though internet. So now it is a point come out about the trustfulness of MBU and Masters. After that drama, many peoples (were) confused and did not listen carefully. They ignore me and our program. My trip to BodhGaya became waste. I know these peoples very well, these are materialistic ambitious peoples so I never contacted to them.” (August 31, 2015)


Evidence 3: Lie

Amar Visharat: “On the word said (by) Param Anand about me, our organization is new and our all members are doing best work on Buddhism in India. (…) Many people are doing work on Buddhism in India and some do criticize. I know to Param Anand, he is doing (government) job in Maharastra state, he came many time in Delhi and said to me that we will work together on Buddhism but I do not like (his) work style. Our team LBT support to every organization in India  who work on Buddhism but mostly organization and people (are) Selfish, so, I sad about those people. Amar Amane know to me very well and mostly people in Maharastra and India know me and our organization that we are working honestly. We are not selfish and greedy. We are fully devotee for our mission on Buddhism, therefore we are doing struggle. We are working with you for best result in India. Therefore we want work with you every time, and I do not said any about you to Param Anand, It is his view, please ignore this for better cause. We will better work together. I entreat you that you concentrate on the Seventh Buddhist Council, I say with honestly our team ready for the Seventh Buddhist Council, please do not mind that other people what say. I have purely faith in you and your work.” (August 31, 2015).


Evidence 4: Threat against the Committee        

When he was requested to declare before the Committee, about the declarations he had publicly made, he answered:

Param Anand: “Dear Brother /Sister, (…) whoever you are, you are behaving against Buddhist ethics……… Your language is like armtwisting……. Why are you hiding ? ………. Have courage to come face to face………. Now stop your nonsense and stop sending further emails ……… otherwise your email will be reported to Cyber Crime Cell”

(August 31, 2015).


Evidence 5: Acceptation of Responsibility by not denying his actions

Master Yan Maitri-Shi: “Param Anand, we confirm that our organization is performing an investigation against you for defamation and slander. Since you are not requering apologies, you are confirming your words that you said in BodhGaya. Please change your conduct. Our Buddhist monks are analyzing you.” (Sep 1, 2015).


Evidence 6: Slander against the Committee

Param Anand: “If you had read this then you must be aware that in Buddhism no one is supreme or BOSS till the person do not accept him as his or her BOSS………. Therefore……… Stop your Anti-Buddhit thoughts and activites…………  And have courage to face me personally” (September 1, 2015).


Evidence 7: Insults and Discrimination caused by a nationalistic vision

In a message addressed to the Prosecutor of the Committee,

Param Anand: “Mr Jose,Tell your organisation that Buddhism was started by Buddha from India, It was spread all over world by Ashoka of India…………. It was rejuvenated again in India by Ambedkar of India itself………….. Therefore any foreign people like you and your organisation shall not think of self proclaimed authoritative of Buddhism…………… you and your organisaion fake and mischievious activities will be now exposed all over world ……….. (…) And I found the people who are behind money or want to earn money from Dhamma Movement are in your organisation.” (September 3, 2015).-




SECOND EVALUATION.- Of the evidence provided there is no doubt about the authenticity of them, considering their provenance, as each compiled statement comes from a conversation of email, in addition to the confirmation of these by their interlocutor; statements that constitute the evidence evaluated in this procedural document. About the Evidences offered as proof and that, in addition, they are labeled on them the crimes and the committed actions (case that does not occupy nor is responsibility to know nor jurisdictionally decide on this matter on our Part), there is no objection, disqualification or invalidation of content by the Party I represent, by virtue of that they are verifiable digital media and that also contain statements and claims formally and openly held, therefore, there is no doubt about their authenticity or veracity.-


THIRD EVALUATION.- Based on what was exposed and declared and that is now presented as Evidence in this case by the Executive Secretary of IBEC and BTHR Master Yan Maitri-Shi, these proofs are determined by the Part that I represent as Prosecutor of IBEC and BTHR as LEGITIMATE and VALID, which endorse and confirm the Accusation presented by Amitabha Buddhist Society (ABS) against Dr. Param Anand for the Crimes of DEFAMATION, SLANDERS, THREATS AND NATIONALISM WITHIN BUDDHISM.-

In such a situation, having existed a previous response on the part of the accused and evaluation of evidence by the party I represent, it begins the Fifth Stage of the procedure called the “JUDGEMENT”, in which it is set a term of 5 five days to the Members of the Jury in order to decide if Dr. Param Anand is “innocent” or “Responsible” for the Crimes of DEFAMATION, SLANDERS, THREATS and NATIONALISM WITHIN BUDDHISM and those that result regarding the evidence provided, accepted and valued in the present writing.-


Sekkha Dhamma

Prosecutor of IBEC and BTHR


Mexico, September 2015 two thousand fifteen.-



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