Master in Personalism

Master in Personalism




First Semester

1. Spiritual value of a person
2. Self-awareness and Experience of the Self
3. Relational reality and encounter with the other
4. Autonomy and Transcendence
5. Ego and Subjectivity
6. Vindication of Freedom
7. Body, sexuality and Spirituality
8. New Humanism and personalist bioethics
9. Love and then existence
10. Philosophy of dialogue: From the “I” to “Us”
11. Creativity and realistic philosophy
12. The Supreme Person


Second Semester

1. Work of Kant
2. Work of Kierkegaard
3. Emmanuel Mounier’s thought
4. Thought of Husserl and Scheler
5. Gabriel Marcel’s thought
6. Thought of John Paul II
7. Work of Lévinas
8. Goodness and affectivity
9. Martin Buber
10. Moral and religious values
11. Community Personalism
12. Maritain’s thought

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