Degree of Human Rights Defender

Degree of Human Rights Defender


First Year: Theory

Module 1
ILO Convention 169 on indigenous and tribal peoples
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Universal Declaration on the Rights of Buddhist Peoples and Spiritual Communities
Universal Declaration of Spiritual Rights

Module 2
Universal Declaration of Ecological Rights
Universal Declaration of the Right to World Peace
Universal Declaration of the Rights of Non-Human Beings
Universal Declaration on the Right to Interreligious and Interpiritual Harmony

Module 3
Universal Declaration on the Responsibility to Save the World
Declaration of Independence of the United Buddhist Nations Organization
Universal Declaration on Buddhism as Cultural Heritage of Humanity
Buddhist Declaration against Terrorism and Religious Manipulation

Module 4

Module 5
The Justice of the Future: the Dharmic Law
Buddhist Defense of Human Rights
Buddhist Defense of True Democracy
Buddhist Defense of Non-violence against Terrorism

Module 6
Buddhist Defense of the Human Right to Peace
Buddhist Defense of Global Peace
Buddhist Defense of the Republican Spirit
Buddhist Defense of Mother Earth (Pachamama)

Module 7
Buddhist Defense of the Poor and Oppressed
Buddhist Defense of Utopian Reason
Buddhist Defense of the Full Conscience against Drug Trafficking
Buddhist Defense of the fight against Racism

Module 8
Buddhist Defense of the Hope of Change
Buddhist Defense of Freedom of Expression
Buddhist Defense of the Awakening of the Peoples
Buddhist defense of the fight against Impunity

Module 9
Buddhist Defense of the New Advocacy
Buddhist Defense of Co-sovereignty between the Sangha and the State
Buddhist Defense of the Abolition of Death Penalty
Buddhist Defense of the Opposition to Just War

Module 10
Buddhist Defense of Social Activism
Buddhist Defense of the Tribal Courts
Buddhist Defense of Social Justice
Buddhist Manifesto to the Nations of the World

Module 11
Rohingya Crisis

Module 12
Start of ethical practice and defense of human rights

Second Year: Practice

Module 1
Cases of violence and murder

Module 2
Cases of theft against property

Module 3
Cases of Discrimination and Censorship

Module 4
Cases of Sexual abuse

Module 5
Cases of drug consumption

Module 6
Cases of Spiritual Fraud

Module 7
Cases of Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing

Module 8
Cases of Ecocide and Violation of Animal Rights

Module 9
Cases of Terrorism

Module 10
Cases of Crimes against humanity and war crimes

Module 11
Cases of Injustice

Module 12
Cases of attacks against the Sangha

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