In November 2017 it was created the HUMANITARIAN COMMITTEE with the Purpose of helping to the Project of Free Global Education of MBU.

Pankaj Rangari, 100 USD

Prabhavati Akashi, 75 USD

Basavaraj Akashi, 75 USD

Kanchan Chaudhary, 75 USD

Anishka Singh, 40 USD


Pravin Kamble, 44 USD

Sharda Chaudhary, 25 USD

Mr. Pravin Kamble, 14 USD

Ms. Kavita Kamble, 14 USD

Guddi Kumari, 10 USD

Nikhil Gawande, 10 USD

Shweta Gawande, 10 USD

Payal Dhoke, 10 USD

Vijay Dhoke, 10 USD

Rakesh Dhoke, 10 USD

Ajay Dhoke, 10 USD

Ms. Shobha Kathane, 7 USD

Mr. Narayan Kathane, 7 USD

Ms. Laxmi Kamble, 7 USD

Mr. Shiwdas Kamble, 7 USD


Maitriyana Buddhist University has also shared donations to the following organizations:





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