Project of the Eighth Buddhist Council

Eighth Buddhist Council


The Steering Committee of the Seventh Buddhist Council assumes the Supreme Compromise to frequently carry out Buddhist Councils which promulgate the evolution of Buddhist Spirituality. In this way, the World Association of Buddhism (WBA) will support and will become involved in the co-organization of new Buddhist Councils which work on the basis of the accomplishments of the Seventh as, for example, the Eighth Buddhist Council which will be performed after 2015.

This Eighth Buddhist Council will be the Second Maitriyana Council and the First Buddhist Ecumenical Council, having the task of discussing and agreeing whether there were Awakened Ones (Buddhas) in other spiritual traditions.

The premise of this Council shall be the words of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha: “If there is Noble Eightfold Path in other spiritual traditions there will also be Enlightened Beings into them.”



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