Buddhist Tribute to Borges

By Jorge Luis Borges
Translated from Spanish by Richard Wilbur


One thing does not exist: Oblivion.
God saves the metal and he saves the dross,
And his prophetic memory guards from loss
The moons to come, and those of evenings gone.
Everything is: the shadows in the glass
Which, in between the day’s two twilights, you
Have scattered by the thousands, or shall strew
Henceforward in the mirrors that you pass.
And everything is part of that diverse
Crystalline memory, the universe;
Whoever through its endless mazes wanders
Hears door on door click shut behind his stride,
And only from the sunset’s farther side
Shall view at last the Archetypes and the Splendors.






By Master Maitreya Buddha

(English Version Translated by Master Yan Maitri-Shi)


There is only something. It is Nothingness.

God who saves the world saves dust,

In his visionary memory opening

The universes which would have been and those that would come to be.


Nothing is already. Thousands of illusions

That are vanished in the dawn of the night,

Leaving a sad and hopeless face in the mirror.


But Wholeness is a part of the endless network

From that Great Mind, the Multiverse,

Whose intricate pathways are perennial.


Thus, pathways are forked at every step;

Only in the darkness and twilight of Being

It is perceived the archetypal resplendence of the Awakening.





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