World Association of Buddhist Universities

The World Association of Buddhist Universities & Progressive Education (WABUPE) is an international organization with the most complete list of Buddhist Schools.

List of Buddhist Universities

The World Association of Buddhist Universities & Progressive Education (WABU-PE) is an international organization for educational institutions both in East and West, which aims to recognise and appreciate the traditions of academic and spiritual thought that transnationally function. Although already there are associations of Buddhist scholars and educational institutions, these forums tend to keep the same prejudices and limitations of the orthodox education. Instead, the WABU-PE is the first open and democratic association of Buddhist Universities and Advanced Education that provides a challenge to the status quo of the traditional Academic Discourse, by offering the opportunity to incorporate new knowledge.

The WABU-PE was created from an initiative of the World Association of Buddhism (WBA) & the Maitriyana Buddhist University (MBU). Moreover, the WABU-PE has the spiritual auspices of International Wisdom Society (IWS), the Amitabha Buddhist University (ABU) and the Zen University (ZU).

As long as there is respect, all the educational institutions are welcome to become members. The WABU-PE has the supreme mission of recognising scholars and institutions dedicated to teach Spirituality or dedicated to an education that is alternative to the traditional Academic Discourse. Thus, members such as students, teachers, temples, schools, universities, academies and associations are accepted. Those institutions that are only part of the Progressive Education are encouraged to incorporate Buddhist Studies programs or Wisdom Studies within their curricula.

The WABU-PE is directed by an Executive Council at international level, which is completely open, democratic, progressive and postmodern. The WABU-PE protects and revalidates the special education recognising the teaching and research of great experts and the cutting edge institutions.

WABUPE is member of United Buddhist Nations Organization, with the Registration Number A082017.

Executive Council

* President: Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

* Vice-president: Maestra Yan Maitri-Shi

* Peace Ambassador: Venerable Tep Vuthy

* Assistant Executive Secretary I: Venerable Dr. M. Wijithadhamma

* Assistant Executive Secretary II: Dra. Juventina Salgado Roman


World Association of Buddhism
Maitriyana Buddhist University
Integral Buddhist University
International Wisdom Society
Amitabha Buddhist University
Amitabha Buddhist Society
Smaratungga Buddhist College
K.J.Somaiya Centre For Buddhist Studies
The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion
Cambodia Temple in Kaushambi
Universal Compassion Foundation
Golden Doctrine Foundation
International Association of Buddhist Socialism
Zen University
World Association of Theravada
Buddhist Master Maitreya
Master Yan Maitri-Shi
Ven. Dr. Medagampitiye Wijithadhamma
Venerable Bhikkhu Tep Vuthy
Ooi Chooi Seng
Juventina Salgado Roman
Ven. Dr. Sumedh
Juan María Arnau Navarro
Dr. Qingsong Zhang
Jose Gabriel Mercado Rangel
Dr. Chandra D Naik
Ven. Kahatagalle Wimalabuddhi Thero
Prof. David Tacey
Venerable Dr Geshe Thupten Phelgye
Sanjoy Barua Chowdhury
Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh
Dr Arun Kumar Yadav

Amar Mane
Gautam Mane
Siddharth Surywanashi
Manoj Mane
Surekha Mane
Kafil Deshmukh
Bharat Dashrath Shirsath
Alejandro Tovar González




The World Association of Buddhist Universities & Progressive Education (WABU-PE), announced on March 11, 2014 in Necochea, it is positioned as a movement of transformation of the academic field. The WABU-PE is an international organization with the Purpose of supporting the Cutting edge Teaching, since Education is one of the ways to guide the world towards Peace and progress. This presupposes a constructive criticism on the traditional Academic Discourse, which tends to deviate towards materialism instead of supporting the development of the Spiritual Wisdom of the human being. This aim of self-realisation of humanity is related to an analytical-existential-libertarian training. Therefore, WABU-PE considers it is fundamental that the educational institutions develop ethical principles, since this is the task performed by the spiritual masters.

The Founding Members of the World Association of Buddhist Universities & Progressive Education (WABU-PE) are:

  • World Association of Buddhism (WBA)
  • Maitriyana Buddhist University (MBU)
  • International Wisdom Society (IWS)
  • Amitabha Buddhist University (ABU)
  • Zen University (ZU)

Statutes elected by the Extraordinary General Assembly in June 14, 2014.

Article 1
The WABU-PE was created on March 11, 2014 as an international non profit organisation with its Headquarters in Necochea (Argentina).

Article 2
The WABUPE is intended to promote the Spiritual education all over the world, especially favouring the transmission of Buddhist Wisdom along with the transformation of the academic training around the world.

Article 3
The activities of the WABUPE are the offering of diverse studies, -courses and publications, which are offered in Library of its Headquarters by promoting researches and by organizing study groups, seminars, Conferences and Councils.

Articles 4
The WABUPE is composed of three types of members: Adherent, Professional and Institutional. To become a member the two thirds of the Board of WABUPE must approve the admission of the candidate. The President have special capabilities such as veto to resolutions of the rest of the ordinary members.

Article 5
The economic resources of the WABUPE only come from the leadership that Maitriyana Buddhist University provides in its capacity as Founding Member and as Headquarters. However, WABUPE is open to eventual subsidies provided by private Universities or the remuneration derived from the organization of Courses, Seminars and Congresses of WABUPE itself.

Article 6
Adherent, Professional and Institutional Members shall maintain an ethical behaviour along with a remarkable respect to the Steering Committee. In case of this type of spiritual requirements are infringed the membership will be ceased.

Article 7
The Board of Administration of WABUPE must always have at least two members coming from the founding institutions of WABUPE. The election of the Board shall be effected every 4 years by the members of the WABUPE. The President of the WABUPE also must be a Rector or a Dean of any Buddhist University, and the remaining members of the Board of Administration must be graduates in any Buddhist University. The Board of Directors is composed of four positions: President, Vice President, Executive Secretary and Assistant Executive Secretaries. The members of the Board of Administration are prohibited from receiving personal financial remuneration for their services rendered to the WABUPE. In fact, the members of the Board of Administration are encouraged to assist to the economic functioning of the organization.

Article 8
The meetings and debates of the Board of Administration may be carried out in person or electronically by email. The Board of Directors must be able to attend any circumstance which is not posed in the Statutes, to which the opinion of the President shall be conclusive.

Article 9
The President of WABUPE is the highest representative of the organization in all aspects of the academic and civilian life. Therefore, an incorrect representation will end in the dismissal of the President through an internal Academic Judgment directed by the majority of the founding institutions of the WABUPE.

Article 10
Given that the WABUPE has no fees for its members, the Headquarters should be provided by any of the founding institutions of the organization, at the same time that other Buddhist Universities of the rest of the world are allowed to be Official Representatives.

Article 11
The Ordinary General Assembly of the WABUPE will meet every four years in order to perform the Election of the Board of Administration, moment in which the performance of the members of the Board will be analyzed while the candidatures will be studied to replace them. Candidatures must comply with the requirements of the Statutes, because otherwise they will be void.

Article 12
The relationship between WABUPE with the Maitriyana Buddhist University should always be of an absolute concordance.

Article 13
The Statutes can be modified at the request of a large number of members of WABUPE or at the initiative of the Members of Board of Administration, for which purpose an Extraordinary General Assembly shall be convoked. The President will have Veto Right. Article 14Another possibility of convening an Extraordinary General Assembly will be the analysis of a possible closure or dissolution of the WABUPE.

Article 15
The WABU-PE should always have the mission to safeguard the Buddhist Spirituality and the Progressive Education from around the world, avoiding any possible case of discrimination by means of the Ethics of Detachment. This Path must be followed at all times by the Board of Directors of the WABUPE.

Article 16
In the event that any member of the WABUPE have ethical or legal discrepancies against another member, it must be followed the practices concerning to the Reconciliation between the parties under the Buddhist Ethics, the Academic Knowledge and the International Law.

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