PhD in Buddhist Mystical Theology

Ph.D. in Buddhist Mystical Theology




First Year

  1. Old and New Testament

  1. Mystical Existence of Master Jesus

Mysterious origin of the Essenes

The family of Jesus

Mystical birth

Childhood and Initiation

Master and Christ

The mission of saving the world

True teachings and miracles

Secrets of the crucifixion and resurrection

Hidden Life of Jesus

  1. Apocalypse

  1. Apocryphal Gospels

  1. The Gospel according to Kardec

  1. The revolutionary utopia of Jesus
    Human spiritualization process
    Historical Jesus versus religious Jesus
    Jesus: Prophet and Priest
    Meditative practice and knowledge
    The Socialism of Jesus
    Practice and Theory of Community production mode
    Millenary Idealism
    Libertarian significance of the practice of Jesus
    Clandestine spirituality
    The presence and the Project of the Kingdom of Heaven
    A new communist economy
    Jesus and revolutionary politics
    Kingdom of Heaven and the resurrection of the humanity
    Beyond the Apocalypse

  1. The libertarian movement of Jesus
    Jesus and the anti-imperialism
    The announcement of the social gospel
    The Kingdom of Heaven to come
    Revolutionary practice of Jesus
    Enemies and friends of the Project
    Social conflict and the founding of a new confederation
    The counterhegemonic fight of Jesus
    The liberating message of peoples
    The community dealing with conflict and oppression of the Empire
    The liberation of state alienation
    The liberation from religious oppression
    The new economic proposal: share and not accumulate
    Structure and strategy of the Jesus movement
    Moses, Elijah and Jesus
    The political Proposed *
    The menace to destroy the temple
    Love and Life
    Apocalypse: birth pains of a new world
    Survival and emigration of Jesus
    Return to East
    Spiritual Meaning of the Resurrection

  1. Shin Buddhism

Infinite Light

Original intuition

Amidic teaching

The fundamental promise

Subjective enlightment

Sincere mind

The deepest interiority

Knowledge and truthfulness

Beyond the scientific knowledge

Spirituality and unity

The futility of pride and power

The no-significance

Language and Spirituality

  1. Courage and Grace: Life and Death of a Saint

The embrace of the divine

Beyond the physical world: the Meaning Balance and inner world

Detachment from the body and the Ego

The Being

The importance of oneself

The time of curing

Spiritual therapy

The voice of the radiant star

Enlightment and singing of birds

The present as the favorite moment of life

Passionate equanimity

The Spiritual Master as a support

  1. The Power of Jesus Christ
    The art of psychoanalysis
    Healing techniques of Jesus
    The art of succeeding as a therapist
    The hippie doctor
    The cure for schizophrenia

  1. Great Masters: Buddha <> Confucius and Jesus <> Muhammad
    Religion of India before Gautama
    Buddha’s life and personality
    Buddhist teachings about nature and society
    Buddhist Teachings about the Self and the Divine
    Buddhism after Gautama
    Buddhist Spirituality
    Relationship between Buddhism and Hinduism
    Transformation of Buddhism in East Asia
    Religion in China before Confucius
    Confucius’ life and personality
    Confucian teachings about nature and society
    Confucian teachings about the self and the Divine
    Post-Confucian Confucianism
    Confucian Spirituality
    Confucius and Lao Tzu
    Japanese Spirituality
    Jewish religion before Jesus
    Life and personality of Jesus
    Jesus’ teachings about nature and society
    Teachings of Jesus about the self and the Divine
    Christianity post-Jesus
    Christian Spirituality
    Jesus and Moses
    Jewish and Christian Spirituality
    Arab religion before Muhammad
    Muhammad’s life and personality
    Muhammad’s teachings on nature and society
    Muhammad’s Teachings about the Self and the Divine
    Post-Islam Muhammad
    Islamic Spirituality
    Islam, Judaism and Christianity
    Wises and prophets
    Contemporary Spirituality: ecology, social justice, integrity and transcendence

  1. Yoga and Jesus
    Jesus Christ: yogi and avatar
    Universal Christ Consciousness
    The Second Coming as World Enlightenment
    Jesus in India
    Psychological teachings of Jesus
    The Universal Way of Spirituality
    The evolution of consciousness: the Liberation of materialism
    The science of Sublimation
    Salvation as Awakening
    Religious versus spiritual practice
    Jesus and the Yoga of Love
    Spiritual Love: goal of human life
    The Kingdom of God as a state of enlightened mind



Second Year

  1. Second Coming of Christ: spiritual resurrection of the world
    Divine incarnations: emissaries of Cosmos
    Jesus and the Essenes
    Birth of Jesus and the three wise men Buddhists
    Childhood and youth: Egypt and India
    Satan’s Temptation to Jesus
    The First Disciples
    Second birth of a human being: Spirituality
    Ascension of the human being: raising the energy of life
    The Sacrifice for the love to humanity
    Spirituality and Truth
    Meet the purpose and the Law (Dharma)
    The Good News
    Building life on the rock of wisdom

  1. Diary of a Spiritual Master

  1. Buddhism and Christianity
    Buddhist Charity: benevolence, solidarity and compassion
    God is our neighbor
    Love without religiosity
    Sublime Empty
    The experience of spiritual love
    Cross of Buddha
    The tree of Christ
    Origin and meaning of artistic representation
    Christian and Buddhist Iconography
    Different appearances of Buddha and Christ

  1. Introduction to the Mystical Christianity

The Coming of the Spiritual Master

The mystery of the transcendental conception

Mystic Youth of Jesus

Foundation of Ministry

Socialist labor

Culmination of the Work

Esoteric teachings

Secret Doctrine of Mystical Christianity

Relationship with the ancient Buddhist wisdom

The message of the Enlightened Being

  1. Buddha and Christ
    Wisdom and stay calm
    Mindfulness and the Holy Spirit
    Living Gautama and Jesus
    Practitioners meditative communities
    The inner peace
    The possibility of a future for humanity
    Taking refuge in the Trinity
    The other side: the divine
    Faith and Practice

  1. Zen Teachings of Christ
    Studying the Gospels to the Zen way
    Zen and the art of living
    The Art of Seeing
    The specular universe
    Hell as a state of consciousness
    Meta-religious faith
    Zen and daily spirituality
    Purification of human being
    The cure of evil
    The Path to the Love
    Gnostic Christianity
    The beginning of a new spiritual paradigm

  1. The Masters of the Way
    Theism and Atheism: the Middle Way of Buddhist agnosticism
    Aphorisms of Gautama and Jesus
    Spiritual Masters
    Socially Engaged Spirituality
    Emptiness and fullness
    Taoist poetry
    Inner Revolution
    Freedom and meditation
    Buddhist Psychology
    Reason and Spirituality
    Buddhism: compassion as a pillar of world peace

  1. The Heart of Compassion
    A Tibetan view of the teachings of Jesus
    An ecumenical wish for harmony
    Loving the enemy
    The Sermon on the Mount
    Kingdom of Heaven
    The mission
    The Resurrection

  1. Gautama and Jesus: the victors of anguish
    Salvation and the error of religions
    The Path and the teaching of the Enlightened Being
    Myth and Logos
    Thinkers of India and Greece
    Bodhisattva ideal and the concept of Messiah
    Eastern: a place of transference of ideas
    The Apocalypse and the beyond
    Jesus as a Buddhist Master
    Jesus as a Buddha
    Survivorship to the cross
    Jesus in India and Kashmir
    The Path to the Self
    Meditation and introspection and awareness of the Self
    The end of Materialism

  1. Zen thought
    Zen practice
    Freedom and language
    Master Eckhart and Zen
    Oriental stories
    Nishida’s philosophy

  1. Christian Mysticism

Kingdom of Heavens

Spiritual perfection

Humility before the becoming

Engage with a Pathway

Childhood and purity


Born Again

One in the neighbour and the world in One

Being a part of the divine

Weakness, transformation and fortitude


Meditation about Love

A Pure Land: Heaven in the here and now

The eye of the spirit

Detachment from sin

Succour the oppressed ones until get out of breath

Get into the darkness of the unknown

The doctrine of infinite evolution

Unity in what is diverse

Divine knowledge


Beyond the thinking

Watch over the Being

Admit the Other

A heart of compassion

Constancy in the contemplative prayer

Passionate charity

The Master as an instrument of Peace

The Divine in all living beings

The mystical speaking

Perform the Purpose

Humility, obscurity and divine rebirth

Enlightment: the spark of the Earth of future

Mystical vision

The Way of Suffering

The Being as mirror

The Universe as Christ

Dark Night of the Soul

The Second Coming of Christ as evolution of consciousness

Authentic Christianity

The magnificence of the Cosmos

The small Way

Spiritual Love

New identity and new mode of action

Early revolutionaries from Christianity

Towards a New Creation

  1. Christianity and Oriental metaphysics
    The Infinite and the Finite
    The Supreme Identity
    The problem of evil
    Involution and Evolution
    The path of understanding

  1. The Sufi Path

Soul Work: reflect the spirit

Creative energy and human capacity

Balancing the external with the internal

The power of being

Voluntary attention

Meditation: refinement of attention

The tyranny of the false self

The essential Self

Polishing the mirror of consciousness

Listen to within itself

The dance of personality

Integrating fragmented Ego

Mysteries of the Body

Alchemy of effort

Goal and self

Suffering: imaginary and real

Dying before dying

Freedom Transfiguring


Refining the Psyche


  1. Eastern and Western Mysticism

Christian mystics and Zen masters

Chinese Thinking and Tao

The Spiritual Love

Christianity in China Pilgrimages

Virginity, Humanism and Protestant monachism

Self knowledge


Ecumenical dialogue

The paradox of Zen

Desperation and Purpose

Buddhism in the contemporary world


  1. Mystical Masters

Gautama, Hui Neng and Yeshe Tsogyal

Rumí, Abulafia and John of the Cross


Ramakrishna and Maharshi

Yogananda and Baba


Contemporary sages




Third Year

  1. Zen Mystical Christianity
    Kyoto School: metarreligious thinking
    Beyond Nihilism of East and West
    Contemplative prayer
    Poor or Spiritually detached
    Nude image of the divine: apophatic aesthetics
    Passion and Meditation

    2. The True Jesus
    Saviour Being
    Being the Light
    The Kingdom of Heaven as a state of consciousness
    Gospel of Enlightenment
    Learn what Jesus said
    Love, grace and faith
    Revelation and Redemption
    The Christ and the Being
    Contemplative prayer
    Karma, sowing and harvesting
    The illusion of the world and seeking for the Real
    Oneness with the True Jesus
    Jesus as Spiritual Master
    The Way to the Perennial
    Doing what Jesus did

    3. The Plenitude of Emptiness: Christian Zen
    Zen Meditation and multiculturalism
    Zen and Christianity
    The Mystery of Christ
    The experience of Emptiness
    Darkness and Being
    Mind to mind and heart to heart transmission
    Master and apprentice: integrated community
    Conversion into the Emptiness
    The New Life
    Concentration and Attention: beyond prayer
    Being present
    Full delivering to the fellow being
    The Peak Knowledge
    Liberty and Spontaneity of the spiritual nature
    Paradoxical Life
    Learning to let go
    Ultimate Reality
    Awakening in the daily life

    4. Spiritual Love
    Agape as Unconditional Love towards the fellow being
    Love as transcendence of dualism
    Love and the Self
    Love and Reconciliation
    Ethics of Spiritual Love
    Desire for Oneness and Wholeness
    The repression towards the Spiritual Love
    Divine Love and absence
    Love as the essence of life

    5. The Mystical Vision
    Mystical Knowledge
    Mysticism and Theology
    Buddhism and Mystical Christianity
    The call of the Divine
    Emptiness, Nothingness, Union
    Love, Conversion and Enlightenment
    Mysticism in Action

    6. Contemplative Science
    New science and mystical science
    Initiation into the expanded consciousness
    Ecstasy and Daily Life
    Meditative Therapy
    Spiritual Healing
    Meditation as intimacy with the Cosmos
    Friendship and mysticism

    7. Theology from heart to heart
    The decadence of modern civilization
    Prophets of a New World
    The revolution of mystical knowledge
    Seeking for the Truth
    The Awakening of the West and East
    Meditation and Interfaith way
    Mystical experience
    Contemplative prayer
    New Vision of the Real
    The Way towards the Being and Nothingness
    Mystical and prophetic Way
    Free and Enlightened Being
    The mystery of the ineffable
    Spiritual transmission of Gautama and Jesus

    8. Meditation and Compassion: Buddhist Christianity
    The Way of Contemplation: Zen-yana
    Transmission from heart to heart
    Vow and practice of compassionate wisdom
    Motivations of the Free and Enlightened Being
    Positive acts of the body and the word

    9. Kabbalah
    Jewish mysticism
    Prophets and Messiah
    Kabbalah and Hassidism
    Mysticism in Spain

    10. Sufism
    Islamic mysticism
    Sufi doctrines and methods
    Perfect human being
    Contemplative science
    History of Sufism
    Sufi sociopolitical theory

    11. Sufism: Beyond Islam
    Tales and parables
    Sufi poetry
    States of consciousness
    The Wool
    Spiritual Love
    Knowledge of the divine
    Unity of the Cosmos
    Mystical Philosophy
    Sufism in Christianity, Platonism, Gnosticism and Buddhism
    The transforming union with the divine
    The synthesis of the spiritual path
    Love and Ecstasy
    Sufi thought

    12. Spiritual Anarchism
    Church in Crisis
    Agonizing Catholicism
    Characters and aspirations of the Spiritual Anarchism
    Fundamentals and tactics of the Spiritual Anarchism
    Future effects on the world
    Conduct of the Free Being


Fourth Year

  1. Peaceful Revolution of Mystical Christianity
    Letters from the Council of the Future

    2. The Religion of the Future
    Characteristics of the new faith
    Daily life of the new liturgy
    Priest at the service of the people
    Pioneers and experimental tests of the future

    3. Evolution of Christianity and Socialism
    Creation and evolution of life
    Teilhard de Chardin
    Towards a complex consciousness
    The meaning of history: Liberty
    Jesus as the evolution of the revolutionary subject

    4. Theology of Buddhist Ecumenism
    To create a better world
    Take root and be substantiated in compassion
    Citizens of the world
    Being Christ
    Cooperation and charity
    Configuring the death
    Incarnating the scriptures
    Joy and Hope

    5. Christian Communism
    Essence of Marxism
    Beyond Lenin and Stalin
    The failure of the idea of ??God
    Christianity and Communism
    Jesus and the Communist Society

    6. Christian Ecumenism
    Possibility of a Catholic-Protestant Unity
    Reconciliation as a return to the source
    Radical consensus in the ecumenical movement
    Ecumenical thought and action
    Unity among Christians
    Catholic Ecumenism
    Charity and mutual respect
    Dialogue and ecumenical encounter
    Unity in Christ
    Theological interpretation and dialogue

    7. Catholic Communism
    Communist aspirations of Jesus
    Beyond the atheistic materialism
    Marxist critique of the religion
    Liberation of the people
    The Free and enlightened Subject
    The Kingdom of Justice
    Fraternal civilization
    The new human being
    Jesus, Hegel and Marx
    Reconciled subject

    8. The Good News of Jesus
    Sociological approach to the New Testament
    Jesus and the Kingdom of the future
    The Commune of Jesus
    Political and social contributions of Saint Paul
    The hope of the revolution

    9. Christian Party and the Communist Church
    Towards a new Christianity
    Towards a new political militancy
    Responding to Marx
    Spiritual Interventions in the world

    10. Christianity without illusory beliefs
    Science vs. Metaphysics
    Scientific rationalism and spiritual rationalism
    Beyond worship and offerings
    Beyond the penitences and petitions
    Task of the natural ethics
    Spirituality politically engaged
    Liberating and tolerant Religion

    11. Christian Marxism
    Marxist critique of metaphysical faith
    The Purpose of the human being
    Spirituality beyond God
    Existential self-construction of the world
    Christian passion towards the fellow being
    Love as the core of the march of history
    Love as a divine incarnation

    12. Ways of social reform: Communist Christians
    Beyond the traditional official Church
    Religion of the rebels and oppressed ones
    Socialist doctrine
    Christianity-Marxism Dialogue


Fifth Year

  1. Jesus according to the Advaita Vedanta
    Life of Jesus
    The spiritual master John the Baptist
    Spiritual transfiguration
    Christ as the conqueror of materialism
    Prophetic message
    Ethical change: the kingdom of heavens
    God is Spirituality
    One and Totality are one
    The Supreme Truth
    The Way of Forgiveness

    2. Theology of Spiritual Freedom
    Church of the Poor
    The clamour of compassion
    The human essence: liberation
    Freedom as divine experience
    Liberation and Transfiguration
    A new theology
    Revolutionary theology
    Divergence with Catholicism
    Towards another theology of liberation
    Contemplating politics
    Liberation from material and spiritual poverty
    Commitment to the fellow beings
    The commune: mission of the Spirituality

    3. Ecumenical Debate
    Canonical and apocryphal writings
    Beyond faith: the works
    Holy Trinity
    Sacrifice and purgatory
    Family of Jesus
    Beyond sects
    The future: christic era

    4. Teilhard de Chardin

The human




Beyond what is personal

Beyond matter

Beyond science

Pure love

Omega and Synthesis

Spiritual metamorphosis


  1. Zen and Christian Mysticism

Awakening of Zen

Mystical experience

Zen Psychology

Christian Mysticism

Reason, intuition and ethics

Incarnation of Zen in the West

Incarnation of Christianity in the East


  1. Contemporary Christian Mysticism

Beyond the desert

Transcending absence and presence

Conversion of conflicts

Mysticism of Jesus

The mystical life

Poverty and Peace


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