PhD in Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychiatry

PhD in Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychiatry




First Year

  1. The mystical experience
    – Non-ordinary states of consciousness
    – Of individual consciousness to the transindividual
    – Mystical states ant the regression
    – Facts and values of the Transcendent expierience
    – Creative states, psychotic and ecstatic
    – Zen Buddhist psychological examination
    – LSD and transpersonal experience
    – Experimental provocation of religious experiences
    – Trance
    – The heart of the transcendent
    – State of absolute consciousness
    – Psychotherapy and liberation
  1. Beyond Ego
    – Arising of transpersonal perspective
    – Collision of paradigms and comparative psychotherapy
    – To the encounter of the Real
    – Trascendence of the identification
    – Perennial Psychology
    – Domains of the unconscious in Grof and Wilber
    – Metamotivación
    – Mental Health from classical Buddhist psychology
    – Relative Reality
    – Meditative theory and practice
    – Itself
    – Emancpation of the existential being
    – Transcendence, nothing and freedom
    – The power of presence and the subjective
    – Beyond science
  1. Spiritual traditions from contemporary psychology
    Arica Training
    Psychology and the Christian mystical tradition
    Psychological appreciation of Western magic
    Contemporary Sufism
  1. The simple feeling of Being

The Witness of Truth

The Spirit as action

Meditative and immediate consciousness

Passionate and detached philosophy


The omnipresent spirituality and the subjectivity

  1. History of non-ordinary states of consciousness
    From Hippocrates to Sydenham
    Animal Magnetism
    Resurgence of the higher phenomena
    The co-consciousness
    War neuroses
    Non-ordinary states in psychology, neurology, and physical anthropology
    Beyond the uncertainty threshold
  1. Peaks of Being (A. Maslow)
    – Neurosis as a failure of the development
    – Self-realization and beyond
    – Creativity
    – Values
    – Knower and known
    – Education and pinnacle experience
    – Transpersonal Social psychology
    – Knowledge-of-being
    – Transcendence and Being-Psychology
    – Metamotivación
  1. The Psychology of Being (A. Maslow)
    – What Psychology Can Learn from Existencialism
    – Motivation of deficiency and of the development
    – The fear of knowing, dangers and resistances
    – Knowledge of Being in pinnacle experiences
    – Pinnacle-experience as a focussed experience of identity

– Creativity and self-realization
– Values??, development and health
– Health as trascendence of the relational environment
– Psychology of development and self-realization

  1. Phenomena of mysticism and asceticism
    Physiology of the ineffable
    Experience and manifestation of the invisible
    Regressive states
    Measurings of brain activity
    Abnormal and supranormal
    Mysticism and nerve diseases
    Taming the senses
    Alchemy of pain
    Intervention of the divine and human freedom
    Happiness ascetic pain
    Vedic and Christian Asceticism
    The torments of the psychic impulse: love as a devour fire
    Stigmas by mental suggestion
    Fasting mystic
    Mediums and mystics
    Knowledge beyond the knowledge
    The man beyond man
  1. The search for meaning in the Near-Death Experience (NDE)
    The NDEs in the path to Omega
    What we know today of the NDEs?
    The essential NDEs and spiritual awakening
    The NDEs and personal transformation
    Change of values induced by NDEs
    Religious and spiritual orientations after the NDEs
    The NDEs and psychic development
    The biological basis of NDE
    The NDEs and human evolution
  1. The new psychedelic consciousness
    From hallucinations to virtual reality
    Eulogy of the psychedelics
    Tryptaminic hallucinogens and consciousness
    Cosmic Love
    Temporary resonance
    Fungi and evolution
    Plan / Plants / Planet
    Virtual reality
    Sacred Plants and mystical realities
  1. Psychotherapy and transpersonal counseling
    Therapy of the bridge as being
    Pre / trans fallacy
    What does not the transpersonal
    Active imagination and personal mythology
    Visualization, guided fantasy and dreams
    General meditative practice
    The revolution of Wilber
    Levels of consciousness
    Self therapies
    Practitioners, group work and education
    Feminine spirituality
    Psychosis and Spiritual Emergencies
    Criticisms and future of the transpersonal
  1. Therapy and Transpersonal Psychology
    Conductism, psychoanalysis and humanism
    The Fourth Force
    East-West Synthesis
    Transpersonal therapeutic Meditation
    Transpersonal Science
    The message from repressed subjectivity
    Silent and sublimating realization of the desire
    Unconscious, preconscious, conscious and superconscious
    Consciousness and body energy
    The vibratory movement of being
    Healing: holonomic project
    Dangers and obstacles for spirituality

Second Year

  1. Transpersonal Psychology
    – The new scientific paradigm and the new understanding of existence
    – Holonomic Approach
    – Cartography of psychism: unconscious and perinatal matrices
    – Beyond the brain: Transpersonal Experiences
    – Integration of analytical approaches: Freud, neo-Freudians, humanists, and existentialists
    – Transpersonal Perspective
    – Varieties of sexual experience: dysfunctions, deviations and transpersonal forms of Eros
    – Roots of aggression: biographical, perinatal and transpersonal sources
    – Dynamics of depression, neurosis, psychosomatic disorders and psychosis
    – Dilemmas and polemics with traditional psychiatry and mechanistic medical model
    – The role of spirituality in the daily life
    – Transformation of personality, spontaneity and autonomy of the cure process
  1. Transpersonal Analysis
    – The non-egoic heart of psychism
    – The source of the child’s experience
    – The preoedipal object
    – Formation of the ego and origins of dualism in early childhood
    – First preoedipal period
    – Attachment, ambivalence and excision of the Other
    – The specific repressives of the object constancy
    – Oedipus complex and consolidation of the primacy of the ego
    – The Ego and the gender
    – Development of the ego and dualism in the latency period
    – The world and the game
    – Development of the ego and dualism in adolescence
    – Testing and anguish of identity
    – Development of the ego and dualism in early adulthood
    – Earning the being and worth. The identity project
    – The transmutation of values ??in middle age and pathologies of the self
    – First phase of transcendence: the dark night of being
    – The spiral path of transcendence: awakening, regression and regeneration
    – Gender and Transcendence
    – The dialectic integration as a goal of the trascendence
  1. The stormy search for Self
    – Understand and overcome a spiritual emergency
    – What is a spiritual emergency?
    – Emergency and spiritual crisis: detonators and healing power
    – Transformation process and role of the analyst
    – Unconscious and experience of the transcendental
    – Psychosis vs. spiritual emergency
    – The dark night of the soul: existential angst and loneliness
    – Facing the symbolic death
    – Types of spiritual emergency
    – Kundalini awakening and renewal of being
    – Shamanic Passage: the confrontation of the Real
    – Addiction as spiritual emergency
    – Psychedelic therapy and holotropic breathwork
    – After Birth, perinatal and transpersonal experiences
    – Sacredization: Des-pathologize everyday life
    – Spiritual Emergency and mental health
  1. Spiritual emergency
    Divine madness: psychology, spirituality and psychosis
    Comprehension of the crises and evolutionary transformation
    Kundalini and pinnacle experience
    Psy renovation through the return to the center
    The crisis of psychic opening
    Self-realization and psychological perturbations
    Crisis that precede the spiritual awakening
    Transmutation process
    The function of the guide
    Transcendental experience: is there any relation Between the religious and the psychosis?
    Renovation process
    Insanity and shamanism
    Clinical Kundalini
    Obstacles and vicissitudes in spiritual practice
    Expectations and Risk of the path
    Spiritual Emergency Assistance
    Hero and ritualization of mystery
  1. The Psychology of the Future
    – Healer and heuristic potential of the non-ordinary states of consciousness
    – Holotropic States
    – Western Psychology: misunderstandings and need for revision
    – Cartography of the psyche: Condensed experiences systems (coex)
    – Perinatal level and the unconsciousness
    – Transpersonal Territory of the psyche
    – Reinterpretative architecture of the disorders: anxiety, phobias, conversion hysteria,

obsessive compulsive neurosis, depression, mania, suicidal behavior, sexual disorders,

psychosomatic manifestations, psychosis, narcissism, borderline sates
– Comprehension and treatment of crises of transformation
– Holotropic Psychotherapy
– Experience of death: psy-philosophical and spiritual perspective
– Cosmic game: exploring the heights of consciousness
– Evolution of consciousness and human survival: transpersonal perspective of the global crisis
– Psyche and cosmos

  1. Psychic development from a transpersonal vision
    – Primitive roots of awareness
    – The pleromatic ego
    – The alimentary uroboros
    – The tiphonic ego
    – Axial body and pranic body
    – The body-image
    – Nature of the typhonic
    – The social ego
    – The verbal mind
    – Mental-egoic Realms
    – Symbols of transformation: the rise of consciousness
    – Psychopathology, translation and transformation
    – Centauric Realms: autonomy, self-actualization and intentionality
    – Preverbal primary process and trans-verbal vision-image
    – Pre-and trans-consensus
    – The immediate present and spontaneity
    – Nirmanakaya and gross realm
    – Sambhogakaya and the subtle realm
    – Dharmakaya and the causal realm
    – Svadhavikakaya and the final transformation
    – God or It?
    – The form of development
    – Types of unconscious: field, archaic, submergent, emergent and recessed
    – Meditation and the unconscious
    – The Other Project
    – Evolution through the inferiors realms: Uroboric castration and incest, the tiphonic and the

anal / social phase
– Evolution through egoic levels: fusion, differenciation and dissociation, maternal-paternal

incest- castration, the egoic Ideal and the consciousness
– Evolution of superior order: Centaur and the subtle-causal
– Schizophrenia and Mysticism
– Involution
– Stages of Death

  1. The frontiers of consciousness
    – The perennial and holotropic
    – Philosophical and spiritual implications
    – Challenge to science and materialist philosophy
    – The universe impregnated by being
    – The absolute and cosmic principle
    – The fertile emptyness, the ineffable and the divine
    – The mystery of the creative impulse
    – Mystery and dynamic of the desire
    – The part, the everything and the unitive experience
    – Creation and Art
    – Involution and evolution of being
    – The unitive potential of death, sex and birth
    – The immanent and the transcendent divine
    – Space-time and synchrony
    – Ethical issues of introspection
    – Relativity of the criteria of good and evil
    – Evil and its relationship with the cosmos and with the divine
    – The forms of emptiness and emptiness of forms
    – Perinatal Processes and the Unconscious
    – Sexuality and Liberation
    – Psychospiritual sources of agression, cupidity and passion
    – The Sacred and the Profane, spiritual con-science
  1. Freud against God
    Christianity and psychiatry
    Conversation and debate
    Psychiatry loses its soul
    Complete the vacuum
    The care of the soul and mind
  1. The known and the unknown in the Analysis
    Hypnotic analgesia
    The vesication
    Psychodynamics and Psychosomatic
    Modified Psychophysiological reactivity
    Hypnosis and suggestibility
    Therapeutical applications
    Hypnosis and hysteria
    Transferential relationship
    The psychotherapeutic and analytical process
    The affection
    Disturbing inheritance: psychobiology
  1. Current paradigms in contemporary psychology
    Phenomenological psychology
    Systemic model in psychology
    Narrative Psychology
    Lacanian psychoanalysis
    Transactional Analysis
    Archetypal Psychology
    Psychomagic and psycho-shamanism
    Transpersonal Psychology
    Psychology of power
    Antipsychiatry and contrapsicología
    Radical psychiatry
    Community Psychology
    Clinical sociohistorical Model
    Psychosynthesis and psychedelic medicine
    The creative psyche
  1. Revolution of Consciousness
    The world in transformation: balance and possibilities
    Death and Rebirth: extinction and renovation
    Transformation of social consciousness
    Transforming the scientific paradigm
    The role of spirituality
    About our healing and the world
    Changing Values
    Purpose of life and the future
    Birth and evolution
    New Configuration of reality
    Potential of art
  1. Transpersonal paradigm

History of Psychology

Psychological forces

Transpersonal psychologies and spiritual traditions

Self-realization and transcendence

Paradigms about human nature

Development of consciousness

Ways, states and subjective experiences

Shadows of consciousness

Love and transindividual development

Science and Spirit

  1. Parapsychology and spirituality: non-materialist science

The Real as the Spiritual Form of superior knowledge

Amplified state of Mind

Parapsychological phenomena

Beyond body

Consciousness after death

The beliefs of Materialism

Transpersonal mysticism

Third Year

  1. Balanced Mind
    Origin of meditation
    Scientific Study of Contemplation
    Being aware of Real
    Stillness and movement in Healing the Mind
    Contemplating the Structure of Counsciousness
    Observation as a fundamental state of mind
    Serene and equable Counscieusness
    The Emptiness of the Being and of Cosmos
    Contemplative Science and Philosophy
    Luminous Space of counsciousness
    Contemplation into action2. Cultivation of Compassionate Love
    Training of Mind
    Awakened Mind
    Adversity and Wisdom
    Daily practice of Enlightenment
    Commitments and precepts in mind training3. The Gift of Mindfulness
    Spiritual Discipline
    Walking on the Eden
    Being aware in the everyday life
    Unity in Multiplicity
    Wonderful Teachings
    Living in the Spirituality
    Spiritually contemplate the World4. The Spirit of the Universe
    Skillful Means to the Awakening
    The Only Vehicle of the Buddha
    The Forgiveness
    Inherent ability to reach the Nirvana
    Spiritual Masters of the Purpose
    The Ultimate Dimension
    The infinite life of the Bodhisattva
    Full Consciousness
    Loving the others as an entrance to the universal
    Conquerors of the fear
    The function of Protecting the Earth
    Meditative Virtues5. Buddhic Mind
    The functioning of Mind
    Finding the Being in the river of consciousness
    Perception and reality of Emptiness
    Meditation as an opportunity of Liberty
    Dynamic Meditation
    Contemplate the Earth
    Relaxing and being in the world

    6. Doing Nothingness or Self-realizing the Emptiness
    The free individual
    Teachings of Zen Master Linji
    Dharmic combats
    Taking refuge in the Way
    Profound Inspiration
    The Pure Land in the here and now
    Arrive at the new house of Being

    7. Mindfulness: the life of the future
    Reverence to the existence
    Liberty as Responsibility
    Analytical Practice: profound listening and efficient word
    Towards an awakened society
    Happiness of the Being
    Mindfulness as totality of Dharma
    Spiritual precepts and contemplative practice
    Mindfulness on social phenomena
    The network of the world
    The future in the present
    The Path is a Choice
    The future of Buddha-Dharma-Sangha

    8. Zen as Lifestyle

    9. Zen Training
    Benefits of the practice
    Spiritual Keys
    Being aware of the Purpose
    Zen Work
    Spiritual Values
    Mountains and rivers:the dialectical paradoxical language
    Assume the responsibility for Liberty
    Getting out from alienation
    Mindfulness in the present
    Awaking from space time
    Beyond the thinking

    10. Zen as Cure of depression
    Experiencing Vivenciar la insatisfactoriness, impermanence and insubstantiality
    Suffering, change and death
    Liberty as Cure
    Observing with the open heart
    Ethics of the Middle Way
    Community and being-in-the-life
    The Curative Life of the Truth
    The Value of Work
    Compassion into action
    Living the Buddhism

    11. Compassionate Wisdom
    Beyond the emotions and the intelect
    Beyond East and West
    Experience of the Being
    Mental Balance
    Curing the attachment, aversion and unconsciousness
    Compassionate and wise Nature
    Towards an altruistic civilization
    Personal and global transformation

    12. The Cure of the Mind
    Buddhism as mental serenity
    Meditation as cultivation of virtue and stillness
    Mental states of patience and integrity
    The power of Attention
    Flexibility and achievement of Serenity


Fourth Year

  1. Contemplative Wisdom in the everyday life
    Doing Zen
    The world of the paradox
    The Nothingness
    The compulsion of attachment
    Calming the primitive mind
    Curing the solitude and separation
    Nurturing the Desire of the Being
    Sublimating the violent and ambitious mind
    The practice of letting go
    Setting apart the Ego or False Being
    The mental medicine
    The individual without a role
    Zen: Beyond god
    Commandments of the compassionate wisdom2. Contemplative Science
    Science and Spirituality
    Buddhism and Christianity
    Trascend the materialism and metaphysics
    Abandon the belief
    Beyond the scientific objectivity
    The illusion of materialistic science
    The reality of the contemplative science
    Empiricism and rationalism in meditation
    Illuminating the Truth: mind and matter
    Buddhism as Science of the Consciousness
    Serenity and Intuition3. Psychotherapy of Mindfulness
    Therapeutic links
    Therapeutic Presence
    Sublimation and being present
    Ego, Emptiness and analyst
    The empathic circle
    Therapy of reconciliation and commitment
    Mindfulness, metacommunication and psychoanalysis
    Social Mindfulness or relational mindfullness
    Teaching of the full listening
    Meditation and empath4. Tibetan Mind
    States of Consciousness
    Unequivocal connoisseur free from conceptuality
    Indifferential connoisseur
    Initial connoisseur
    The non-connoisseur consciousness
    Types of consciousness and knowledge5. Intuitive Knowledge
    Experience of insight
    Four Truths and Noble Eightfold Path
    Thoughts, concepts and reality
    The obstacle of consciousness
    The warrior of concentration
    Relaxed and pure mind
    Interdependent Origin
    Goodness: beyond death
    Awakening factors

    6. Path of the Analytical Meditation
    Understanding the contemplative practice
    The essence of learning
    Overcoming obstacles and difficulties
    Levels of spiritual practice
    Mind training
    Illuminative factors
    Liberty and detachment
    Suffering and Compassion
    Development of emotional wisdom
    Banishing the karma: break free from repetition
    Observation of unconscious intention
    Faculties of the Being
    Direct perception of the Real
    The pathway of the service to others
    Strengthening Mindfulness

    9. Buddhism as Lifestyle
    The inner self full of peace
    The practice of the Liberation of the world

    10. The liberating practice
    The spiritual path
    Practicing the liberty of the mind
    Dharmic Psychology
    Beyond the Ego
    Karma as repetition
    Waking in the world

    11. Nourishing the spirit
    Opening the heart to the possibilities
    Finding the Way in the Dark
    The simplicity of the here and now
    Peak knowledge and compassionate wisdom
    Mental balance
    Living the Truth of Being and the Nothingness
    Discovering the Purpose
    Teaching through the liberty
    Allow entering the divine

    12. Heart to heart transmission
    Meditating about the spiritual love
    Meditating about stop the war
    Meditating about the Dunamic Foundation
    Inner and outer healing
    Daily Meditation
    Overcome the adversities through wisdom
    Meditation about the unconscious impulses
    Mindfulness of the emotional problems
    Amplified and higher states of counsciousness
    The Self as Nothingness
    Dissolving the Ego: full vision
    Spiritual rebirth
    Meditation as to be simple and transparent
    Retreat and spiritual life
    Towards the Wholeness
    Emptiness as true nature of Being
    Generosity and compassion: abandon sorrow
    Working with a spiritual master
    Meditative Psychotherapy
    Trouble in the spiritual communities
    Meditating on forgiveness
    Meditating about the world
    Meditation as social service
    Spiritual maturity of the human being
    Meditating about equanimity
    The Awakening as an intimate act with the reality
    Ethics of the spiritual masters of the analytical meditation


Fifth Year

1. The paradigm of Spiritual Evolution

Towards a style of spiritual personality

Transpersonal motivation

Interior and exterior meditative subjectivity of oneself

Spirituality: Beyond materialistic science

Integral Practice

Inter-existence: one and the neighbour

Integralism: beyond the academic world

Spirituality: beyond religion

Spiritual education

Diagnosis of Spiritual Health

2. Philosophy from a Transpersonal perspective
– The new science
– Kant and beyond
– Nature and contradiction of the new scientism
– Science and Religion
– The problem of verification
– Data and knowledge
– The meaning of experience and empiricism
– Analytical-empiric investigation
– Phenomenological-mental Research
– Transcendental Inquiry
– Evidence of the existence of God
– The science of the spirit (Geist-sciences)
– In the eye of the artist: art and perennial philosophy
– Pre / trans fallacy
– Legitimacy, authenticity and authority in the new religions
– Structure, stadium and self
– The ultimate state of consciousness

3. Science and Spirituality (dialogues between a biologist and a mystic)
Living nature and spirituality of the creation
The soul
The darkness
Morphic Resonance and ritual
Revitalize education

4. Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science
East and West
Transpersonal perspectives
Understanding your own mind
Science and the New Creation
Evolution of consciousness and human survival
Mystery of Karma
Kundalini: energy of transformation and awakening
Paradigms in perspective
New vision of reality: synthesis of the eastern and scientific wisdom
Morphic resonance
Holographic hypothesis
Role models and human development
Yoga of androgyny
Active imagination as Western meditative technique
Psychophysiology and mythology
Psychotherapy and Meditation

5. Reconciliation of Feeling and Soul
The problem and challenge of the contemporary
Reconciliation of science and spirituality
Paradigms and miseries of modernity
Romanticism, Idealism and Postmodernism
The deconstruction of subjectivity
The stunning display of the spiritual
The path of the holarchy

6. The evolution of subjectivity
Psycho-evolutionary analysis of human survival
The Transpersonal vision
Unification of the supposed psychics
Transformer perspectives of the psychic antithesis
Sociospiritual task of the individuality
Mysticism as border of the evolution of mind
Buddha: Evolution and future of humanity
Meditative life and social ethical responsibility
The ethics of the new biology
The Transpersonal philosophical movement
The planetary transformation
Death as a final phase of evolutionary growth

7. The spiritual crisis of contemporary man
Man and nature
Phe problem
The intellectual and historical causes
Metaphysical principles belonging to the nature
Applications to the postmodern situation
Mystical Eastern and Western Perspectives


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