PhD in Buddhist Politics

PhD in Buddhist Politics




First Year

  1. Politics of Compassion
    Peace Prize
    Become a living Buddha
    Interreligious cooperation
    Spiritual Science
    Meditation and reason
  2. Distributive Justice
    Thought of John Rawls
  3. Inca Socialist Civilization
    Origins of Incas
    Economy of the Inca Empire
    Social Hierarchy of Inca Empire
    Agricultural Communities and Collective Property
    State Socialism
    Work and Commerce
    Happiness and purification of the individual
  4. Non-violence in the face of Imperialism
    Fraternity: beyond patriotism
    The struggle of the poor
    Hope for peace
    Warlike Manipulation of Religious Message
    Love the enemy
    Defense of the fight against hatred
    Spirituality and nonviolence
    Eradication of evil
    Revolutionary self-criticism
    Genocidal imperialism
    The evils of humankind
    New Empire of Human Dignity
    Unmasking the UN
    The supreme law of reconciliation
    Humility and respect for Mother Earth
  5. Global Ethics
    Modern Ethics and postmodern Ethics
    Innovation and Paradigm Shift
    Beyond Good and Evil
    Global responsibility as a key to survival
    Mutual respect
    Ethics and religion
    Freedom, Equality and Fraternity
    Justice, Pluralism and Brotherhood
    Peace and coexistence
    Tolerance and Ecumenism
    Interfaith Peace as Key to World Peace
    Ecumenical Truth: Human Dignity
    Dialogue and religious inter-existence
    Religious Paradigms
    Ecumenical Theology of Liberation and Peace
  6. Injustice
    Justice for the powerful ones
    Injustice for the oppressed ones
    Bureaucracy and lack of definition of the legal system
    Justice tailored to the rich
    Complicity with the unjust legal system
  7. Transhuman Revolution
    Spiritual Courage
    Stage beyond what is human
    Appropriate interpretation of present times
    Guidance, leadership and development of the future world
    Premonition and ethics as drives toward Truth
    Hope for the days to come
  8. A World of Human Values
    Homo religious
    Liberty and Responsibility
    Problems of the international community
    Historical Revolutionary Perspectives
    Medicine of body, mind and society
    Ethical perspective of the future
  9. International Law Studies
    Transnational protection of human rights
    National Law versus International Law
    International Public Health
    Decolonizing international courts
    New nationality for refugees
    Law of Cultural Heritage
    Sovereign Immunity
    International Law in Asia
    Humanitarian intervention or Right to war
    Displacement of people in the East
    International protection of spiritual heritage
  10. Evolutionism
    Alternative view of the world
    New interpretation of science
    Direction toward cooperation
    Evolution of life and consciousness
    Spiritual Evolution
  11. Islamic Justice
    The Koran and justice
    Political Justice
    Economic and social Justice
    State Justice
    Philosophical Justice
    Theological Justice
    Ethical Justice
    Islamic Justice and the International Community
  12. The meditative Change: how the Buddhist paradigm can transform society
    The revolution in the view of reality
    Future of Humanity: evolution or extinction
    Dynamics of macro-social change
    Roots of unsustainable capitalist
    A better way to grow economically
    A new outlook on life
    The Buddhist counterculture
    Cosmic plan
    Spiritual and ethical implications of science transpersonal
    Next stage of evolution of human consciousness
    Buddhism and global change in action
    Socialist Manifesto on planetary consciousness
    World Wisdom Council
    The emerging culture of Peace


Second Year

  1. Buddhist Humanism
    Art, literature and education
    The creative existence
    Spiritual Revolution
    Kemalist Revolution
    Wisdom as a source of peace
    Beyond capitalist motivation
    Spirit of equity
    The magnificence of the Cosmos
    Being a master in the basic order of life
    Revitalization of what is human
    Global Citizenship
    Antidote for war, poverty, ignorance and pollution
    Knowledge and wellness
    Faith in the goodness of others
    Cultural exchange between East and West
    Unite the heart of the people
    Poetic spirit
    Human values
    A new global consciousness
    Detachment of individualism and liberalism
    Spiritual heroism
    Unification and solidarity
    The Way of Detachment of the transitory
    Gandhi’s vision
    Rectification of the human being ethics: Buddhism and Confucianism
    Buddhism and the civilization of the future
    Buddhist emphasis on dialogue
    Restore humanism
    Interrelationship of all the phenomenal
    The alb of a new civilization
    Self-discipline as harmony in diversity
    Dilemma of capitalist society: destroy or evolve
    The Way of the Bodhisattva: living lesson of Humanism
    The imperative of peace
    The Universe as solidarity network
    Principles of integration
    The construction of a new global system
    A humanist and socialist economy
    Create hope despite chaos
    The Universal in the particular
    A new globalism and a new humanity
    Religion and individual consciousness versus Spirituality and cosmopolitan consciousness
    Activating the willingness to harmonize the world
    The cure of suffering
    National sovereignty to terrestrial sovereignty
    The legitimate fight for justice
    Spiritual Freedom

  1. The Hope Project
    Meditation, Peace and Human Rights
    Heroic fight
    Buddhist Path as a resistance movement
    Nonviolence law of humanity
    Choose consciously a life of trials and obstacles
    Strengthen the integrity
    Reversing the worst crisis: change the destination
    Structural reform of the peoples
    Illumination as Liberation of darkness of oppression
    World Organization of human solidarity
    Totalitarianism as the absence of spirituality
    The non-cash value of life
    The challenge of integration of the world
    The Buddhist legacy and mutual learning
    Aboriginal and Environmentalism
    Enlightened Being: inherit the legacy of nonviolence
    Defenders of Peace
    Reaching the harmony of the world by the path of spirituality
    Exercise of solidarity
    Fighters of goodness and justice
    People that illuminate the society with the light of humanism
    Overcome oppression materialistic society
    The power of dialogue: to awaken the consciousness of the people
    Edification of a culture of peace
    Revolution in Leadership
    The abolition of armaments
    Spirituality and global consciousness
    Evanesce violence inside the human
    The coherence between saying and doing as an example for the world

  1. Buddhist Politics
    An emerging revolution
    Theology of Liberation against the capitalist crisis
    Pure Land: Another possible world wishing birth
    Politics and Spirituality: deep interdependence of peoples
    The Enlightened Being in politics
    Global emergency of a new paradigm of reality
    The politics of the future
    Politics with Consciousness
    Economy and spirituality
    Socially Engaged Buddhism
    The libertarian politics and honorable service of the commune of Sangha
    Transcendence of worldly matters
    Profane and the Sacred
    Zen socialism
    Meta-politics and transpersonal mind
    The intuition of a better world
    Communist Manifesto for ecological development
    An advanced humanity

  1. A Buddhist Social Theory
    Awakening Society
    Buddhism facing poverty
    Des-paving the planet
    Free the world of capitalism
    Illuminating the business sector
    Nonduality: Buddhist reflections about war
    The reform and non-punishment
    Zen in the art of non-violence
    Reconfigure the technology in pursuit of nature
    Buddhism and Deep Ecology
    Love the world as oneself
    A revolutionary social theory

  1. The construction of True Peace
    Sublimate the hate
    The practice of psychological transformation
    Practicing peace in the world
    Comprehension and right action
    Love: be completely present in the life
    Practicing meditation as a couple and in family
    Protect peace in communities
    The call to the great compassion of Sangha
    A new global ethics
    Buddhist Peace Manifesto

  1. Compassionate Civilization

The search for a social consciousness in a world in crisis

The hidden paradox of history

Homo Empathicus

Originally Goodness: A new image of human nature

A spiritual interpretation of cultural evolution

The meditative development of human

Rethinking the meaning of life

Compassion and Civilization

Existentialist Humanism

The Golden Age

The ascent towards the summit of an Global compassion

Global Autopoiesis

The emerging era of post-capitalism

The consciousness of the biosphere in a redestributive World Economy

  1. The Unity of Dharma: the emerging of socially engaged Buddhism
    Paths of Spirituality
    Get in the Way
    The awakening of hope
    Benevolent action
    Purify the human mind
    Love and Compassion
    Liberation through detachment
    Enlightenment: the sword of wisdom

  1. Steps toward a society of Love
    Stages of development of civilization
    The essential purity of the enlightened mind
    Recognize the importance of friendship
    Thanking and Corresponding to the Goodness
    Learning to love without attachment
    Spiritual love as a basis of human rights
    Expanding the circle of love relationship to the entire planet
    The Power of Compassion
    Full commitment to change
    Search for altruistic enlightenment
    The power of hope
    Act with compassionate love

  1. Right Livelihood: meditative attention in working life
    Benefit by doing good
    Sacralization of work
    Being on the road without leaving traces
    Ethical Lifestyle
    Work as Prayer
    Buddhist Economics
    Buddhist view of money
    The social dimension of Spirituality
    Socialist Labor
    Sarvodaya Movement: World Awakening
    Understanding the change
    Time and free space
    Work in the Real
    Work meditatively
    The Art of Living
    The practice of Mindfulness and satisfying work

  1. Social Happiness
    The injustices of capitalist globalization
    Aristotle: how to be happy in the insanity
    Gautama: create values ??and compassion in a world of suffering
    Confucius restore harmony and virtue in society
    Golden ratio, Middle Way and balanced Order
    Extreme of Materialism: capitalist society and absence of common goal
    Extreme of metaphysics: religious society and absence of spirituality
    Philosophers in the here and now

  1. Buddhist Economics
    Field: Shareholder, employee and customer
    The issue of private property
    Management by Product
    Structure / Process
    Work and business organization
    Conflict and development
    Staff and production
    Structural functions
    Types of work
    Centre and Periphery
    Territory and management
    Engagement, capacity and capability
    Zen and economic polarity
    Zen and the creation through the dilemma
    Zen in the art of economics

  1. The Wisdom of Shambhala

The sun of East

The primary trace

The deepest point of the opening

Overcome the depression of materialism

Specular Wisdom

The sacred existence

The law and the spiritual order

Cultivate the fundamental goodness

The passion of being

Innocence and solitude

Compassion and transmission

The smiling attitude of the spiritual warrior

  1. Right Economics

The change of civilization

The change of the mind

From the individualistic economy to the compassionate economy

Quantum and Economics


Third Year

  1. Fair Economy
    The change of civilization
    The change of mind
    From individualist economy to compassionate economy
    Quantum and Economics

    2. Politics in favour of reason
    Politics of courage
    Liberating the faithful ones
    Politics of true wealth
    The utility of Truth
    In favour of the individual and society
    Internacional Security
    The crisis of contamination
    Participatory Democracy
    Interconnected citizenship

    3. Ecological Consciousness
    The search for equilibrium
    The light of the future
    Environmental Civilization
    Buddha’s Ecologism
    The Earth of prosperity and distribution
    Dharmic Economy
    We are what we do
    Functional Civilization
    Spiritual Ecology
    A common goal

    4. Buddhist ecology
    Gaia’s Dharma
    Ecological conceptions of Gautama
    Sangha: Ecological commune
    Rebuild the community with the resource of harmony
    Society with Mindfulness
    Responsibility and precepts for the future
    Hope of social change

    5. Towards a Peaceful Civilization
    Society of peace and creativity
    Torchbearer Being of the future
    Libertarian socialist civilization
    Humanity as universal family
    The future as Unity
    Transformation from inside and outside
    Protect creative life
    Society of equality, respect and mutual aid
    Middle Way as a pacifist action
    The new pathway of peace: Beyond East and West
    Creativity and cultural responsibility
    The four pillars of the future society
    The Revolution of Buddhist Socialism
    Commune: being life companions
    Suffering as a source of solutions
    Overcoming obstacles
    Lead the world
    Search knowledge and friendship

    6. Existential Politics
    Human being and environment
    Intellect and Health
    Social Being
    International Politics
    War and political system
    Towards a One World
    Towards a philosophical and spiritual life
    Beyond Good and Evil
    True progress: spirituality
    The Supreme Purpose of humanity

    7. Humanist Liberation
    The Art of Liberation
    The Buddhist matter
    Correct way of Liberation
    Critical consideration of religiosity
    Position of Buddhism regarding Christianity
    Position of spiritual masters in State
    Dissipate the illusion
    Intrinsic capability of human being to be free

    8. Buddhist Socialism and postmarxism
    True socialism
    Awakening of the people
    Beyond Ideology
    The sense of history
    New politics
    Principle of interexistence
    Platonic socialism
    Democrat socialism
    Beyond capitalism and liberalism
    The commitment for the global interests of humanity

    9. Marx: between Buddhism and Anarchism
    Beyond Liberalism
    Libertarian socialist vocation
    The realm of reason and righteousness
    Philosophical critique of the State
    Supporting the cause of the people
    Economic, political and social ethics
    Socialist sociology
    Creation and revolution: beyond ideology and the State
    Problems of capitalist civilization
    Materialistic fetishism
    From Alienation to Spiritual Integration
    Pure socialism

    10. The path of Posthumanity
    Marxist political Critique
    Beyond the State and Power
    Crisis and Salvation
    Poetic silence
    Philosophical Mysticism
    Agnostic theology

    11. Engaged Buddhists
    Being peace
    Freeing from misery
    The art of living with altruism
    Buddhist social action
    Practice of contemplation-in-the-world
    Mindfulness and Meditating by working
    Compassionate action
    Revolutionary Buddhism
    Waking up the whole society
    Peace despite war
    Buddhism as planetary culture

    12. The Hope of the Transformation of the World
    Abandoning the domination over nature
    A new lifestyle
    World Government
    Racial unity
    Beyond ideologies and creeds
    Reconciliation of humanity
    Happy humanity





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