PhD in Buddhist Law



First Year

Module 1: Customary Law

Module 2: Buddhist Tribal Law according to the Vinaya Code

Module 3: Postmodern Buddhist Law according to the Maitriyana

Module 4: Buddhist Tribal Jurisprudence

Module 5: Communitarian Justice and Justice of Peace

Module 6: Restorative Justice, Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

Module 7: Ethical Justice

Module 8: Abolitionism

Module 9: Solidary and Therapeutic Jurisprudence

Module 10: Tribal Law and Legal Pluralism

Module 11: Rights of Tribal Peoples according the ILO and UN

Module 12: Indigenous Special Jurisdiction and Sovereign Immunity


Second Year

Module 1: Global Jurisdiction and Universal Justice

Module 2: American Indigenous Jurisprudence

Module 3: Constitutional Law and Human Rights

Module 4: Plants Rights and Animal Rights

Module 5: Environmental Law and Rights of the Mother Earth

Module 6: Tribunals of Conscience

Module 7: Transnational Justice and Transcultural Justice

Module 8: Communist Law and Libertarian Law

Module 9: Ombudsman and Civil Disobedience

Module 10: Democratization of Justice and Jury system

Module 11: Human Right to Peace and Human Right to a Healthy Environment

Module 12: International Law


Third Year

Module 1: Philosophy of Law and Natural Law

Module 2: Transitional Justice: Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation

Module 3: Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes

Module 4: Ecocide

Module 5: Right to a Sustainable Development

Module 6: Right to Religious Freedom

Module 7: Right to Freedom of Expression

Module 8: Social Justice

Module 9: Rights of Children, Youth and Women

Module 10: Rights of the accused and rights of the victim

Module 11: Rights to work and right to strike

Module 12: Civil and Political Rights


Fourth Year

Module 1: Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Module 2: Rights of Prisoners, Migrants and Refugees

Module 3: Rights of disable, sick and elderly people

Module 4: Rights of ethnic and religious minorities

Module 5: Right to Education

Module 6: Right to Tolerance and Cooperation

Module 7: Rights of the poor and oppressed

Module 8: Rights and Duties to protect and promote Human Rights

Module 9: Inter-American Commission and Court of Human Rights

Module 10: African Court on Human Rights

Module 11: European Tribunal of Human Rights

Module 12: International Court of Justice


Fifth Year

Module 1: Spiritual Rights

Module 2: Islamic Law

Module 3: Terrorism, Drug Trafficking, Organized Crime and Corruption

Module 4: Ecclesiastical Law

Module 5: Social Justice

Module 6: Judicial Activism

Module 7: Humanitarian Law

Module 8: Racism and Discrimination

Module 9: Agrarian Law

Module 10: Pollution and Multinational Corporations

Module 11: Educational Justice

Module 12: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity

Module 13: Comparative Law


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