International Covenant





I.   FROM “UAGro”:

I.1.- That in accordance with Articles 1, 3, 4 and 5 of its University Law No. 343, the Autonomous University of Guerrero, is a public institution of higher secondary education, higher for research and extension, of social interest, with autonomy, legal entity and its own patrimony governed by Article Third. And 123 section “A” of the Political Constitution of the Mexican United States, the Political Constitution of the Free and Sovereign State of Guerrero, University Law No. 343 published in the Official Gazette of the State on August 28, 2001.
I.2.- Its purpose, according to what is pointed out by Article 5 of its law, its purposes are, among others, the following:

  • To instruct and update in a comprehensive way, with high social commitment in its various educational modalities to high school graduates, technicians, professionals, postgraduates, university professors and researchers; depending on their academic needs and the requirements of the Entity and the Nation;
  • To Generate, through the research and the cultural creation, new knowledge, technological innovations and cultural works that primarily requires the development of the Entity and the Nation;
  • To Analyze, discuss, learn, recover, preserve and disseminate the various currents of thought and cultural and scientific-technical expressions of humanity, in full use of the academic freedom, without subordination to ideological, religious, political or economic currents and interests;
  • Examine, analyze and speak out freely and critically from their substantive functions and guided by a humanistic ethics, on all levels, processes, facts and interpretations that propitiate or hinder the development of individuals, family and of society in general;
  • Build with a high rational and ethical support the holistic interpretations of state, national and international reality; and generate new cultural meanings in terms of values, cosmovisions, utopias and prospectives, that allow to develop more fulfilling and meaningful ways of relationship of the human being with himself, with others and with nature; and
  • Collaborate with other social actors in the processes of integral and sustainable development of the Entity and its Regions. Therefore it must be converted from the exercise of its substantive functions into one of the key agents of change, by exerting a permanent commitment of solidarity with the society of Guerrero.

I.3.- Order to comply with its goals it has been constituted into academic units, through which it is implemented its functional and administrative deconcentration.
I.4.- The Rector credits his personality with the act of protest and possession as Rector No. Thirty-four thousand nine hundred sixty-seven, which is registered in the Volume One hundred forty-third, dated on April 6, 2013, stated before the Public Notary No. 3 from Distrito de los Bravo, Lic. Hugo Perez Ruano, relating to his election and swearing-in, likewise “UAGRO” is internally governed by its Law No. 343, and therefore with foundation in what is stated in Article 20 of Law of the University, the Rector is the executive officer of the University, its legal representative and Chairman of the University Council and is empowered to sign this covenant.
I.5.- That it is not subject to tax payment, nor will they be taxed the acts and contracts in which it intervenes pursuant to what was established in the Article 10 of its Law.
I.6.- States as its legal address: The located in Av Prof. Javier Mendez Aponte # 1 Col. Servidor Agrario, Chilpancingo de los Bravo, Guerrero; Postal code 39070.
I.7.- For the corresponding tax effects it indicates as its Federal Taxpayers Registry the Number UAG630904NU6.


FIRST. OBJECT. This covenant aims to carry out the cooperation in the areas of research, teaching and exchange of undergraduate and graduate students between the two institutions. In addition, the parts of this covenant will seek administrative cooperation to guide and develop the exchange activities and to define the procedures required for such purposes.

This covenant is applied to all academic units of the Autonomous University of Guerrero and Departments of MBU.

SECOND. COMMITMENTS. In accordance with its rules and regulations, the two institutions agree to cooperate in the following areas:

  • Exchange of undergraduate and graduate students in the field of Humanities, properly enrolled.
  • Exchange of teachers and researchers in the field of humanities;
  • Joint Publications.
  • Exchange of information on programs and teaching methods in the field of humanities,
  • Joint organization of seminars, workshops, courses, conferences and other similar activities related to their academic and scientific programs.
  • Double degree programs.

THIRD. CONDITIONS FOR THE STUDENT EXCHANGE. The exchange of students between the two institutions will take place under the following terms:

  • They may participate in the exchange program those undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in academic programs offered by the two universities.
  • The selection of the students who will participate in the program is the responsibility of the home university, which will take into account, according to their own criteria, academic performance and level of studies in which each candidate is.
  • The acceptance of students who will participate in the program is the responsibility of the host university, which will take into account the availability of quotas and the installed capacity to receive them.
  • The host university will exempt from paying tuition to students participating in the program, who shall pay the tuition fees only at the home university.
  • During the exchange the student will assume his costs of accommodation and meals, transport, passport, visa, books and other personal expenses and must acquire an international medical insurance with appropriate coverage to the period of duration of his stay. The latter does not exclude that at some point he could benefit from the support provided by the home university or by the host university, if available the corresponding budgetary availability.
  • The selected student will be able to participate in the exchange program for a maximum period of one semester.
  • The participating student accepted at the host university, will have the same rights as students enrolled in it.
  • The student participating in the exchange will be subject to academic and disciplinary regime of the host university during his time spent in it.
  • At the end of the exchange period, the host institution shall issue the transcript of credits of each participating student, with his corresponding number of credits or lecture hours.
  • Each of the two universities will accept studies carried out in the other institution as equated to their own, according to its own rules and procedures.

FOURTH. CONDITIONS FOR THE ACADEMIC PERSONAL EXCHANGE. “THE PARTIES” agree to receive professors and researchers for the time and conditions established by both parties, depending on their availability and in accordance with the following terms:

  • The proposals concerning the number, field of application, modalities of exchange of teachers-researchers and the duration of their respective missions, shall be fixed annually by mutual agreement by the two universities.
  • Those responsible for the covenant will verify that the exchanges report a mutual benefit for both institutions and that the proper balance is preserved between them.
  • In pursuance of this covenant and of the limit imposed by existing laws and regulations in each country, teachers and researchers will continue to receive their remuneration, paid by their respective universities, and benefit from all the rights provided for in their statutes.
  • Participants in this exchange shall make sure personally to obtain the necessary visa and comply with all laws and regulations concerning immigration into the country of the host university. If necessary, and in order to facilitate the procedures of getting temporary visas, the host university will provide aid, but it will not be responsible to ensure the delivery of it, permissions or authorization to stay.
  • Participants in this exchange must submit an insurance policy that covers, among other things, the risks of illness, hospitalization and accident, repatriation costs and their civil responsibilities during the entire stay and their travels in the host country. In case that the guarantees of social coverage from which they benefit, because of their activities or statutes, are insufficient in relation to the above mentioned requirements, they shall subscribe an appropriate individual insurance.
  • Each particular situation shall be subject to evaluation and approval on the part of the academic unit from which the potential participant depends.

FIFTH. SPECIFIC COVENANTS. Other projects or activities that are realized between the two institutions will subscribe in writing through specific covenants where it will be clearly defined the activities to be developed, their characteristics, conditions of participation of each of the signatory institutions, objectives, tasks, management of intellectual property, terms and schedules, financial aspects, responsible personnel, and other relevant respects. Such agreements will be held in accordance with internal rules and competences of each part.

SIXTH. DURATION. The present covenant shall take effect from its signature by both institutions; it will last two years and will be automatically renewed for the same period, provided that a favorable evaluation is made by the parties.

Any of the institutions may terminate it at any time, as long as it gives written notice to the other institution with a minimum of six (6) months from the date of its termination is intended, without prejudice to the activities previously agreed and that at that moment are being developed.

SEVENTH. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. The specific covenants will contain the clauses that are necessary to regulate what is related to the property of the copyrights, of materials and products obtained as a result of the joint activity of the parties, and what is concerning to the property of the rights of Industrial type which might come to be derived from the actions conducted within the framework of the present instrument.

“THE PARTIES” will facilitate the joint publication of academic material in accordance with the regulations of each institution and subject to the existing intellectual property standards in each country.

EIGHTH. COORDINATION. To facilitate the development of the covenant and ensure its proper enforcement, the international relations offices (or what does its functions) of each institution will facilitate communication between the interested academic units and shall provide the appropriate consulting for the realization and evaluation of the raised activities.

By “UAGro”:

Name:                        Dr. Oscar Talavera Mendoza
Office:                        Responsible for Internacionalization before the CUMex
Address:                    Av. Prof. Javier Méndez Aponte No. 1, Col. Servidor Agrario,
City:                Chilpancingo, Guerrero, México.
Phone number:                    747 4719310 ext. 3275 y 3211


Name:                 Maestra Yan Maitri-Shi
Office:                    Vice-Rector

NINTH. MODIFICATION. This covenant may be modified by mutual written agreement of both institutions at the initiative of either of them.

TENTH. SOLUTION OF DIFFERENCES. Any differences that results from the interpretation and / or application of the clauses of this covenant and the specific covenants derived, it will be resolved by mutual agreement of the parties by the route of direct negotiation.

ELEVENTH. NON-EXISTENCE OF LABOUR RELATION. In all the actions derived from this covenant and the subsequent specific covenants, the parties agree that employees or contractors of each institution will operate only under the direction of the institution with which they have their employment or contractual relationship.

TWELVETH. NON-EXISTENCE OF SOLIDARITY REGIME. There is no solidarity regime between the parties to this covenant, for the reason that each of them responds for the obligations established therein.

THIRTEENTH. CESSION. The parties may not transfer partial or fully the execution of this covenant to a third party unless prior it is expressed a written consent of “THE PARTIES”.

FOURTEENTH. FINANCIAL CONDITIONS. The institutions will strive to foresee, according to their budgets, the means necessary to put into action this covenant and, if necessary, they will request those means to organisms that promote research. Signing of this covenant does not generate any immediate financial commitment for any of each part.

Having been read the present instrument and the parts being aware of its content and scope, they sign it in duplicate on 15 July 2015.

By “UAGro”






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